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Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Hair Care

It's hasty the way some bodies amusement their hair. Instead of giving it the account it deserves, they tug at it with their beard brush, defended it with apparent adaptable bands that stick to the hair, lick it, bite it, apple-pie their aphotic calmly with it, stick their pens in it, clean that balance eye-liner off on it, and while shampooing, rub it, abrade it, cull it and about back-bite it about afore capacity it beneath the abounding bang of a beard dryer. Phew! It's shameful. Aloof because they're not action baldheaded in a hurry, they booty it for granted. And again they admiration why their beard isn't a shiny, swinging, adult aigrette like in the ads, in animosity of application the aforementioned shampoo! Well, accept the facts of life. Beard is delicate, growing actuality which charge to be handled with care. A lot of care.

First, analyze your beard type. Is it normal, adipose or dry?

So, who's normal? Well, if your beard isn't a connected bewilderment of breach ends, doesn't become adipose bound and is adequately able-bodied behaved, you could say it is normal. Ablution your beard alert a anniversary with a balmy absterge and conditioner for accustomed hair. Towel dry lightly. Blow dry from at atomic bristles inches away, whether your beard is normal, dry or oily.

Stress, hormonal action (puberty, childbirth), thyroid problems and bistro too abundant blubbery aliment and chocolates are what usually account adipose hair. Adipose beard needs to be done added generally but don't abrade too adamantine while washing. It won't get your beard any cleaner or beneath oilier. What it will do is added aggravate the already overactive sebaceous glands on your scalp, not to acknowledgment account accident to the aerial follicles. And don't accumulation beard on the arch while shampooing, alike admitting it may attending abundant in the ads. It causes tangling, arch to added breakage. You could add auto to the final bathe for a abundant shine. If you don't accept time to absterge every few canicule or feel apathetic and leave it oily, your beard won't aloof attending terrible, but clay will get lodged beneath its apparent causing accident and accident not to acknowledgment dandruff. This will advance to bark problems such as abscess on your chest, aback and face. So you charge to be accurate about abrasion beard regularly, admitting you could action it aloof alert a month. However, if your beard has been chemically treated, you should action beard afterwards every ablution as actinic strips beard of its accustomed oils. analysis out added on causes, analysis and tips on adipose hairs

If your beard is dry, ablution it alert a anniversary with a absterge for dry hair, followed by a conditioner. If your attic feels actual dry and flaky, use an anti-dandruff shampoo. Be actual affable with the ends of the hair, which are the driest genitalia and tend to breach easily. You may be tempted to use administration articles to acclimatized the frizz, but abstain it. Coil is usually acquired by the bare breeze of sebum from the roots, as it is actuality blocked by the cool scalp. Give your beard a acceptable oil beating afore washing, to alleviate the flakes, and bathe beard added thoroughly. bang actuality for added capacity on dry hairs



Summer Care : Ablution your face with baptize afterwards every 2 hours to abstain the grease on your skin. You can ablution your face with aloof apparent water, and again rub ice on your face

Hair Accident : Boil 250 ml of alacrity oil in a attenuate vessel. Add 60 gms of heena leaves gradually and abide baking till they are burnt in the oil. Filter and abundance this admixture in the bottle. Massage beard consistently with this oil to anticipate beard loss.

Anti-Wrinkle : A admixture of abstract of a division cucumber, egg white of 1 egg, a teaspoon auto abstract and a teaspoon of vodka makes an accomplished anti-wrinkle lotion. Administer on your face and ablution off afterwards 10 minutes. Use at atomic alert a week.

Pimple-pimple : To get rid of your abscess scars from the face administer amazon lurid every day and ablution off afterwards an hour.

For aglow bark : Mix according abundance of almond, rose water, glycerine and auto juice. Administer on face and accumulate overnight. Ablution off in the morning, aboriginal with balmy baptize and again with algid water, to accord a aglow aftereffect to your face

Skin Tonic : Mix calm 1 egg yolk, 1 tsp honey and a compression of turmeric and administer it for bisected an hour. You can bottle this admixture in fridge for about 20 days.

Make-up Tips: 2

Make-up Tips: 2

Make-up Tips:2


Well-groomed eyebrows are a must. Enhance eyelashes with a BLACK, waterproof mascara. Dark amber eyeliner is a accustomed another to abundant atramentous eyeliner and adulation all ablaze shimmery eyeshadows.


Don't be abashed to accept a little blush on the apples of the cheekbones (petal pink). It will absolutely brighten up the actualization of the face.


Use both SPF-free moisturizer and foundation to anticipate absorption and to enhance skin's accustomed glow. Use a clear-cut crumb to set.


Glossy! Shiny! Color! Lips are best in reds, berries, and browns. No chill pink. Buy glosses in any drupe color.



One of the first makeup tips you should observe is the importance of finding the the right foundation. It could be the difference between looking as if you have naturally flawless skin or as if you are wearing a mask. Most women have yellow-based skin. They include most Caucasians and all Asian, Latin and African women. To get that perfectly natural, flawless look they need to wear foundations with a yellow base. Most foundations on the market however have pink or orange tones. Women wearing these foundations often end up looking artificial, ashy and two-toned. The only true yellow based foundations on the market are manufactured by Sacha Cosmetics. We also manufacture maximum coverage camouflage foundations. It has awesome coverage, great staying power and is very natural-looking. After getting your foundation right, the next step is to follow the makeup tips we have provided for you. With a little practice, you will be amazed how easy it is for you to learn to apply your makeup as professional makeup artists.

learn massage

learn massage

Most people massage their friend's back while they lie on the floor or on a bed. We suggest that they lay on the floor on top of a series of couch or futon type cushion.
Position yourself on your knees beside them. Use your weight and be careful not to strain your own back. It will be helpful to use a little bit of massage oil as a lubricant between your hands and their skin.

For optimum access to their back, it will be helpful to have them remove their shirt and to pull their underwear down a bit. Be sure to have them turn their head occasionally so their neck won't get stiff.

Before we begin, it is important to note the areas that can be
accidentally injured with too much pressure. These areas are
marked in red in the photo on the left.

The lower two red spots are the approximate locations of the
kidneys. Never do percussive (pounding) techniques here.
Secondly, don't dig deep into the arm pits without additional

Also be careful of the sciatic nerve in the buttocks. Sharp
pressure in this area will be very painful. Also, note the white dots
on the photo above. These dots indicate the approximate location of the bones called the spinous processes: Don't press directly on these bones. Don't push on these bones with pressure thinking that they are just stubborn spasms.

From the head (top) smooth down the back muscles on both sides of the spine. This thick rope-like group of muscles is called the Erector Spinae group. It actually runs from the base of the skull to the tail bone area. Use equal pressure on your fingers and the heels of your hands. Smooth down the Erector Spinae, and back up along your partner's sides, shoulders, and neck. Do this several times.

Move yourself along their side and face their head. Repeat the long smoothing strokes, going slightly deeper with each one. Make sure that your hands conform to their body. Your pressure should be even and your strokes consistent in speed.

Try splitting your index finger and your center finger, placing your hand over the spine. Gently place each finger in the groove between the spine and the Erector Spinae muscles. Place your other hand over the bottom hand for extra pressure.

Again begin making strokes down the back, but deeper than the first time. Emphasize your pressure on the heel of your hands, (stroking the Erector Spinae) down both sides of the spine. You can try to separate the fibers of the Erector Spinae group of muscles with your thumb.

For extra strength, you can use your other fingers to reinforce your thumb. Firmly, but smoothly, work from the ditch next to the spine and over the Erector Spinae muscle. Don't "thump" over the muscle: take it slowly, with control. This will help to improve the fibers in the muscle itself.

After you've worked the muscle all the way down the back, you can do soothing circular strokes with the finger tips along the same area. This serves to relax the muscle and increase circulation.

Now the fun stuff! To work the Erector Spinae even deeper, now that it is warmed up, we'll use our elbows. In the second picture above, you can see that we use our elbow to work from the low back to the top. Keep your elbow away from the spine. Do not work to quickly so that you lose control. You will make several strokes (3-10) the entire distance.

Each should be slightly deeper than the first. Remember: The deeper your stroke, the slower you should go. Let your partner give you feedback as to how you are doing. You may even want to use your other hand to guide your elbow. You can also work the upper back along this muscle area from the head, facing the feet. Work gently and slowly.

When you're done with the deep stokes, you can use your forearms, together, to smooth up the back. Make this pass several times.

Next, carefully place the arm of your partner over their low back and your hand under their shoulder, for support. If this hurts their shoulder, keep their arm along the body. Gently lift the shoulder up and use your fingers to work along the border of the scapulae (shoulder blade).

Make deep circular strokes, pausing to press on any pebble-like spasms. With caution, you can also use your thumb to gently push under the shoulder blade, lifting it away from the back, stretching the Rhomboid muscle. This area will be very tender. Place the arm back along side them very slowly.

For a finishing touch, we will now work up and down the back with a pushing and pulling motion, made with alternating hands. Push with one hand, while pulling them up with the other. Then, do just pushing stokes. Follow this with strong, supporting pulling strokes.

Carefully use your knuckles on the Erector Spinae muscles, from the top of the back to the low back. Stay off of the bones of the spine. Smooth the back out again, and finish with gentle feather-like strokes, hand over hand pulling upward from the low back to the neck. You're done!

Now, why not try a neck massage?

Best 2009 Summer Perfume for womens

Best 2009 Summer Perfume for womens

Warmer Summer days are approaching which means it's almost time to dig out your bathing suits, sunglasses and summer wardrobe! But which fragrance will you be wearing? These summer fragrances are the scents of gardens in full bloom! Of hot stones and summer drinks sipped slowly while sitting at a small café. The essence of summer is in the scent of cool watermelon eaten on the beach as well as in the scent of hot asphalt and dusty leaves. As for a perfect summer fragrance, certain perfumes work particularly well in the summer, either because they are transparent citruses that chill the skin or luscious flowers that blossom in the warm air.

Some fragrances are especially designed for summers, every season has its own specialty. It is not necessary that a particular perfume will smell the same on everyone. This is because everyone has their own skin chemistry and that determines the effect of the perfume on your body. Your skin chemistry may be altered during summers. The way a perfume will wear on you depends on the dryness of your skin. It also depends upon the amount of time you spend under the sun.

A winter perfume may not work together at all in summer months. This is because our dressing style changes in summers. We wear lighter clothes in summers and that is the reason that summer fragrances are lighter. On the other hand, winter perfumes are quite heavy and dark. This is the reason that winter perfumes won't work in summers and vice versa

Fruity Florals are the flavor of the season. Fascinating floral smells are mixed with a characteristic fruity fragrances such as these light Summer Fragrances:

Sunflowers by Elizabeth Arden: An early classic that has satisfied the summer air for years. It will envelope you in fresh-picked flowers and remind you of those carefree beautiful summer days. Sunflowers is a fruity floral ideal for daytime use. Available in 1.7 oz and 3.4 oz Eau de Toilette Spray. 3 Piece Gift Sets include a 3.4 oz Eau de Toilette Spray, 3.4 oz Perfumed body Lotion, and a 3.4 oz Hydrating Cream Cleanser for the Body. Flower your spirits with this golden classic!

Tommy Bahama Very Cool by Tommy Bahama: This fragrance starts with a blast of summer citrus that leads to the sparkling shimmer of tangy and lush aromas. A casual feeling of summer. Perfect for all occasions, this fruity floral is available in 1.7 oz and 3.4 oz Eau de Parfum Spray.

Escada Ocean Lounge by Escada: A blend of fruity overtones and floral undertones creating a fresh, modern fragrance that evokes the spirit of summer. Fresh and sweet, perfect for all occasions! Available in 1.0 oz, 1.7 oz and 3.4 oz Eau de Toilette Spray.

CK IN2U Heat by Calvin Klein: An erotic and seductive scent, perfect for the summer. Ck IN2U Heat for Her truly brings out the heat of a woman, made with a blend of sexy cocktail notes for a long lasting exotic fragrance. It's not summer without these notes of Apple, Martini, Opulent, Red Apple, Dew Freshness, Caribbean Sunset Orchid, Caribbean Frangipani, Ginger, Cedar, Sandalwood, and Creamy Musk. Fresh and floral available in 1.7 oz, 3.4 oz and 5.0 oz Eau de Toilette Spray.

212 Splash by Carolina Herrera: This fresh and floral fragrance is perfect for the modern day woman to wear on a hot summery day. Splash into the perfect daytime wear. Available in 2.0 oz Eau de Toilette Spray-Limited Edition 2008.

Burberry Summer by Burberry: It's a summer version of its signature Classic scent. The scent is comprised of summer fruits, tantalizing flowers, and exotic woods, making it the perfect summer fragrance. Including notes of Green Apple, Citrus, Water Lily, Freesia, Rose, White Musk, and Moss. It's fresh and perfect for all occasions. Available in 1.7 oz and 3.4 oz Eau de Toilette Spray.

Anna Sui Secret Wish by Anna Sui: A magical mix of sparkling summer fruits, romantic floral and earthy inspirations. Only three simple fragrance notes, lemon, marigold, and melon! Spray on for every occasion. Available in 1.7 oz and 2.5 oz Eau de Toilette Spray.

Zen Summer by Shiseido: Considered the “fragrance of light,” embracing the true beauty of a woman in a summer day. Zen Summer is made with rich floral and fruity notes for a long lasting scent. Notes include Lemon, Cedrat, Apple, Grapefruit, Peach, Blackcurrant, Freesia, Gardenia, Lily of the Valley, Blue Rose, Lotus Raspberry, Cedar wood, Amber and Musk. Fruity and floral available in 1.0 oz, 1.7 oz, and 3.4 oz Eau de Parfum Spray.

Saturday, 11 April 2009

How to deal with acne?

How to deal with acne?

Acne Treatment

Now that you apperceive that it is bacilli that causes acne, it artlessly doesn't accomplish faculty to aces or clasp a bump. If you squeeze, you actualize added deepening and p. abscess lives on inflammation. Also, if you squeeze, you can animate the p. abscess to advance beneath the derma to new areas. One clasp can activate lots of new bumps abutting by. Some articles are accomplished at killing off the p. abscess bacteria. Here is a list:

Sulfur. Sulfur unclogs pores and removes p. abscess bacteria. Aswell acclimated to abate inflammation. Over the adverse abscess medications accommodate sulfur.

Tea Timberline Oil. Tea timberline oil kills p. abscess and is an additive in abounding abscess derma affliction formulations-cleansers, toners, and moisturizers. Tea timberline oil is brash as able as benzoyl achromatize for killing p. abscess bacteria, but it takes longer. However, tea timberline oil doesn't could cause the redness, irritation, and deepening that's accepted with benzoyl peroxide.

Benzoyl Peroxide. P. abscess can't reside in the pressence of oxygen. Benzoyl achromatize forms oxygen abysmal in the pore and the p. abscess dies off. Benzoyl achromatize is aridity to the derma and can accomplish it peel. Benzoyl achromatize is an alive additive in abounding over the adverse abscess products.

Antibiotics. Antibiotics are accessible alone by decree from your doctor and cover tetracycline and erythromycin. It's not brash to use these for an continued aeon of time because antibiotics accept abominable ancillary effects, such as aridity of the derma and killing off benign abdominal bacteria, which after-effects in aggrandize overgrowth infections. You can aswell body up attrition to the capability of these antibiotics, such as bearing ascendancy pills.

Retin A. This decree medication is activated topically. It's acquired from vitamin A, and it helps anticipate the accumulation of microcomedomes in which the p. abscess reside and multiply. Retin A removes the top layers of the derma so no oil can be trapped in the pores. Retin A can be acclimated for best periods of time. Think of Retin A as a cool exfoliator. Because Retin A thins the skin, you charge nitense sun aegis every day because your face is far added affected to afire than normal. Also, abstain waxing your top lip or anywhere on your face if application this product. Abrasion a hat that shades your face if application this product

Accutane. Accutane is a decree alone medication that's taken internally. Accutane is vitamin A at a actual top dose. Use alone with astringent abscess eruptions. Accutane acutely dries up close membranes and has austere ancillary furnishings including bearing defects and brainy disorders. You accept to assurance a accord anatomy afore demography the medication. If a women decides to yield Accutane, she needs to accommodate two abrogating abundance tests and accept to use two seperate able forms of bearing ascendancy for the ages afore starting Accutane. You accept a 30 day accumulation at a time and will be appropriate to accept a account claret analysis to accomplish abiding you break healthy. A civic anthology is getting proposed to clue bodies who accept acclimated this able medication for continued appellation assurance studies. Because of the austere attributes of Accutane's ancillary effects, accomplish abiding you accept approved aggregate abroad afore application this medication.

Differin. Differin is a contemporary decree medication that's a Vitamin A derivative. It clears chock-full pores but is affable to the skin, and not as aridity as Retin A. Use as you would Retin A, getting abiding to consistently abrasion a top akin of sun protection.

All of these articles can affluence of annihilate an abscess blaze up. Because none of them can annihilate off the p. abscess for the blow of your life. The best affair you can do to annihilate approaching outbreaks is to accomplish affairs changes.

Friday, 10 April 2009

Make Up Your Eyes some steps

Make Up Your Eyes some steps

Do you want the most beautiful eyes?
Come with us
1. Prep your eyes with concealer Concealer can be used to cover up undereye circles or just the bluish discoloration just under your inner eye. To cover dark undereye circles, apply three dots of concealer under each eye. Start at the inner corner where skin tends to be darkest, then under the pupil and the third on the outer edge. Pat, never rub with your ring finger (this finger tends to have the softest pad) until it disappears.
2. Apply eye base to your lid Eye base is the secret to keeping your shadow in place for hours. Without properly priming your lid first, your eyeshadow will likely end up a greasy line in your crease.
3. Apply shadow. It's great to use a three-toned shadow and build from lids to brow. Allowing them to blend into each other like a rainbow is gorgeous, according to celebrity makeup artist Mally Roncal. Start with a light color that almost matches your lid. Sweep the color across the lid and up to your browbone. Follow with a medium color across your lid only. Build on this with a darker color in the crease. Blend the colors well.
4. Follow with eyeliner Dark eyeshadows work great as eyeliners. Wet a slanted brush, then dip in a dark eyeshadow. Line eyes as close to the upper lashes as possible from the inner corner to the outer corner. Follow with liner on bottom eyes, but only line from the middle of the eye out. Smudge the bottom line with a Q-tip or your finger. You don't want a prominent line. For a smokey eye, use a brush to pat in a dark eyeshadow along the upper lid and below the lid. You don't want a stark line, instead you want to blend it so it's 'smudge-y.'
5. Brighten your eyes with a highlighter This step involves only the inside part of the eye. With a gold or pink highlighter (white is too bright), draw a v-shaped shape that follows the inner corner of your eye from top to bottom. Blend with your fingers. This will help make eyes 'pop.'
6. Highlight your brow Take the same highlighter and dab it on your browbone, concentrating on your mid-brow outward. Blend with your finger.
7. Curl lashes An eyelash curler will make even long lashes look more gorgeous. For added effect, you can heat the curler under a blowdryer for a couple seconds. Test curler before applying to lashes because you could burn yourself.
8. Apply mascara Place the wand of your mascara brush at the bottom of lashes and wiggle back and forth. Follow with another few sweeps of the wand. Apply to bottom lashes as well.

Methods of care to protect against skin aging

Skin care anti-aging

Methods of care to protect against skin aging
We must interest the skin in order to avoid the effects of aging
Is Bndharp dream in the face, the beauty of the face until you are sixty years of age, please have a read if this article could benefit greatly
First :Baby
A baby's skin is the best example of a perfect organ in a human body. The skin is amazingly resistant. A child's skin derives its shine and smoothness from the abundance of collagen and elastin that exists in the body. A child has a very fertile system in place that creates and recreates the same with unerring frequency. All that the child needs to be assisted with is a simple water wash with a mild soap to wipe off any dirt and he or she still maintains the lovely skin texture.

Because children's skin is so new, the skin cells turn over and renew themselves naturally every 21 to 28 days. The most important aspect of skin care in this decade is sun protection. Apply sun protection whenever your child goes outside. Make applying sunscreen nonnegotiable. It is essential to the health of your child. Avoid serving junk food to your child. Be sure to feed your child vegetables and fruits filled with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Healthy eating habits established early in life will be the good habits in the future.

Skin starts changing and keeps on changing through the teenage years. There are two changes occur in this period. The first is increased hormone production while moving through puberty. The second is a teenager's is a desire to have perfect skin. Hormonal changes are the beginning of adulthood. While the hormones change, the skin produces more oil due to sebaceous glands being overactive, and this causes breakouts. Acne type skin can develop acne that can range from slight to severe.

1. It is now time to find reliable skin care products and start using them twice a day for cleansing, toning, and moisturizing.

2. Exfoliate in between them one to three times a week, based on the skin type and how often the breakouts occur. Use salyclic acid exfoliants for breakouts and acne type skin. They are known to have antibacterial qualities and go inside the pores to control bacteria.

3. The most important thing to know for the teenage years is no picking. The risks of picking are serious and may cause permanent scarring and spreading to other areas of the body.

4. Be faithful to your routine and be sure not to overdue it. Never go to sleep without washing your face, and never go to bed without removing your makeup. While you sleep your skin renews itself and releases waste products and toxins. This process gets backed up when you don't remove makeup and wash your face before bed.

5. Avoid sunbathing or tanning beds. Tanning ruins the internal structure of your skin.

6. Whenever you are outside use sunscreen or sunblock. Make it a fact of life. be sure to apply enough so you protect your skin and don't burn or tan.

7. Avoid junk foods, heavily processed foods, and foods heavy in sugar. Instead, choose vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, meats, fish, and poultry. Learn all about low glycemic foods and make them the important part of your diet. High glycemic foods create inflammation, which shows up as breakouts and aging on the skin.

8. For unusual skin problems, visit a dermatologist.

Hormones begin to balance out by the age of twenty. Normally your skin needs typical care for great results. You may notice a couple of lines around you eyes when you squint, but they are not considered wrinkles. Your skin's oil production has slowed down and your skin is starting to change. The cell renewal cycle of 21 to 28 days is also starting to slow down. If you've had acne breakouts as a teenager, they normally slow down as well. Enjoy your skin now and start adopting a lifestyle that will keep your skin healthy for the rest of your life.

1. During this time, at least by the age of 25, you need to be on a daily skin care ritual of cleansing, toning, and moisturizing twice a day. Never go to sleep in your makeup or without washing your face.

2. Be sure to apply sunscreen every morning immediately after your skin care routine. Reapply often if you are outdoors during the day.

3. To keep your skin healthy, try to get regular exercise into your day. Take a vitamin mineral supplement to assure that you are getting the nutrition you need.

Thirty to Forty
Skin in your 30's can easily look great. Lines and wrinkles in your thirties depend on the amount of sunscreen you used or sun exposure when you were younger. Your level of facial animation can also make a difference. Those with more expressive faces will have more lines. At some point in your 30's, your skin experiences a major turning point. This starts with the time when your metabolism starts to slow down, partially because muscle mass starts to decline. Skin cell turnover is slower, maybe even as slow as every 40 days. Your skin starts to wrinkle, particularly around the eyes. Sun damage from earlier in life starts to show up as sagging and skin discolorations.

1. Continue your daily skin ritual of cleansing, toning, and moisturizing.

2. Now is the time to start using glycolic acid exfoliation products regularly. Start with once a week, and gradually add one more treatment per week, up to two to three times a week, based on need. Glycolic acid has been shown to assist the skin in rebuilding collagen.

3. Consider getting a chemical peel once a month from a professional skin care specialist. At the very least, consider a professional facial and skin treatment at the change of seasons.

4. Get checked for skin cancer by a dermatologist or medical doctor yearly.

5. Get plenty of rest, exercise, and sleep. In your 30's and beyond, dancing into the wee hours in the night shows up the next morning. Your face may swell and bags and dark circles could develop under your eyes.

6. Continual high stress levels result in inflammation, wrinkles, and sagging.

7. When eating, choose foods that keep your skin healthy such as low glycemic carbohydrates, essential fatty acids, and complete protein. Avoid cortisol inducing foods and beverages, such as coffee, caffeine, and alcoholic beverages, which can cause inflammation and irritation.

Forty to Fifty
Great skin in this decade has minimal sun damage and few expression lines, although you can expect to have some lines around your eyes. Many men have a new skin care concern in their 40s, a receding hairline. Care for the balding areas around your face just as you care for the rest of your facial skin. Any serious health challenges, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, or autoimmune disorders affect the health of your skin. The skin condition rosacea could begin in this decade. For women, the 40s usually signal the start of perimenopause. At this time, skin oil production slows, leaving skin drier, and may start to become thinner and more translucent.

1. Cleanse, tone and moisturize twice a day.

2. Apply sunscreen faithfully every day.

3. Continue your daily skin care ritual, taking into consideration that you may need to switch products or skin care lines as your skin becomes drier and more sensitive.

4. Start doing chemical peels once a month to encourage more rapid cell turnover.

5. Exfoliate at home two or three times a week with AHA's, scrubs, or enzymes.

6. Use cosmeceuticals, vitamin C, and alpha lipoic acid to help reverse the visible signs of aging.

7. Consider asking your dermatologist for a prescription for Retin A or Renova to assist your skin with rejuvenation.

8. Check your skin regularly for skin cancers and have your dermatologist or medical doctor check as well.

9. You may want to consider such medical procedures as botox or collagen injections to improve your appearance and to temporarily melt away lines and wrinkles. Laser resurfacing can destroy deep brown pigmentation and enlarged or broken capillaries.

10. If you haven't already, become more conscientious about your eating habits. Get plenty of exercise.

If you've been good to yourself and your skin, by now you are enjoying the rewards. Your skin has an even tone, with perhaps some slightly darker pigmentation spots. If you've used sun protection regularly, your skin has enough collagen and elastin to remain plump and smooth. You may have some sagging, but not much. By your 50s, expression lines are a fact of life, especially if you have dynamic facial expressions.

Men's skin is more robust than women's because men don't lose their reproductive capacity through menopause. Men's skin sags less because men have more vital collagen and elastin, provided they've stayed out of the sun or used good sun protection.

1. Stick to your daily skin care ritual.

2. Be aggressive with encouraging skin cell turnover by using glycolic peels and frequent exfoliation. If you've spent time in the sun, the damage is showing as sagging skin from collagen and elastin damage. Deep brown pigmentation spots are another result of sun damage. You can reverse some of this damage by the use of cosmeceuiticals, vitamin C, and alpha lipoic acid. Both glycolic peels and Retin A or Renova assist the skin in rebuilding collagen.

3. Eat the foods that nourish your skin, including essential fatty acids (EFAs) and plenty of vegetables and fruits daily. Avoid all junk food, alcoholic beverages, caffeine, and sodas.

4. Get outside more and often using plenty of sunscreen. Regular massage and lymph drainage will help perk up your skin.

5. Now is a good time to consider a surgical face lift. This proves to be a good investment because the results can last up to 10 years.

After the sixtieth

Your skin in thinner, with heavier wrinkling. Lifestyle and genetic diseases and disorders, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and heart disease can affect the radiance of your skin. This is when lifestyle makes the biggest difference in the quality of your skin skin.

Thursday, 9 April 2009




Nice Women's collection

Nice Women's collection

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Seiichrio Shimamura says that 'contemporary fashion should be simple and minimal and yet suggest the beauty and freshness of the time.'
To me this collection seems so modern and forward thinking but so classic at the same time. I especially love the sheer fabrics and the draping.

michael kors SHOES