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Thursday, 7 October 2010

Bathing every day is important to clean your body and rest your mind

Bathing every day is important to clean your body and rest your mind

Bathing is not just a routine we do, but it is very important to clean your body and rest your mind as well.So it is important to take a bath every morning it makes you ready and fresh for the rest of the day. On the other hand shower in the evening, something also important to remove all dust and sweat on your body which is composed throughout the day, and make you enjoy better sleep,The shower does not mean pouring water on the body only, but there are many kinds of baths
Cold showerAnd the benefits it provides the body with vitality and activity throughout the day and gives the body the immune resistance to diseases and removes the heat in the cases of fever, and is one of the most important things to get rid of the heat waveShower with warm waterHow I love this bathroom in the days of bitter cold, and we do not love this bath and wanted to feel the warmthFor this bath several other benefits which he removes body aches and pains as a result of fatigue walkingSo I advise you not to neglect to shower in the morning and evening to a clean and healthy body and fresh mind

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

best tips for brides

best tips for brides
Every bride wants to be beautiful, especially during the day. And to his beautiful bride, you know how your skin and hair to the perfect state care? To help you just in those pesky job preparation, I've gathered 14 tips to teach you, step by step to be attractive brides.
A month ago
1. Body care. Visit a reliable beauty parlor every week so you maintain your skin smooth and soft as you relax your moods prepared during the wedding.
2. 3 cups fruit juice per day. If you drink 3 cups of juice a day stop, you will be surprised to witness white skin. And apple juice, kiwi fruit and orange juice are good choices.
3. Deep hair every week. For dry hair, you should keep your hair as soon as possible care and the only way you can expect perfect hairstyle on your special day.
4. Mask. As for the face, you could choose different mask for different purposes. If you have dry skin, you should pay more attention to water refilling and for darker skin whitening mask may be necessary.
5. Neck care. Do not expect cozy neck ruin white wedding dresses? Then you should be very careful you neck. Take high-care Latex and 5 minute massage every day, even a month would elegant neck.
A week ago
6. Put on make-up ahead of time. Date to discuss with your supervisor and with it, what kind of makeup you expect. And it is recommended to take wedding dresses and bridal flowers, so give enough clues to get your makeup artist.
7. Choose hair color. If you make-up, you can discuss with hairdresser, so as to determine whether you need hair dye. If so, a week before dying at the most appropriate, since the hair is most natural and beautiful a week after.
8. Expulsion of toxin care. If you are afraid of skin problems in the special day, you should visit the beauty salon and an expulsion of toxin body care.
9. Intensive care. As a powerful way to improve skin, an intensive skin care products will help your skin in perfect state.
One day before
10. Nail care. Can you wear ugly nails to your wedding flowers to ruin? Of course, no spare, so the time to nail care.
11. Skin intensive care. If it can just one day before your wedding left an hour beauty salon substitute for alpha hydroxy acid form in order to improve your skin beautiful.
The wedding day
12. Eye mask. Before make-up, you need your eyes eye makeup remove as dropsy and thus for sustainable eye make-up.
13. Lipstick choice. Since toast is necessary to marriage, so you should choose lasting lipstick or gloss, lipstick mark on prevention wine glass.
14. False eyelashes. To create more natural make-up, false eyelashes should not be too long, only slightly longer than you own will be fine.

natural soap for beauty care

natural soap for beauty care
I now know the answer to that question. The soap I had avoided all these years, both of the above. But I did not know that then. This soap can now be in some of the most exclusive alternative or organic chemists found in the world, and for good reason. It is completely natural with pure olive oil with anything potentially toxic to add made. Often simply "olive oil soap, it has many artificial additives and compete fully fraudsters around the confused shopper's paradise money. So why do I have to avoid it?
Let me explain. I first got on this soap for over half a century in a middle-eastern country of Lebanon. My family uses it for everything. There was a shower, used to wash our hands for washing dishes and for washing the odd hand-wash clothing. But for me, I saw a different scenario. Sophisticated stars in the television quietly on the luxurious quality of the then famous brand soap cooed. Our generous friends and relatives just the luxury soaps used. And they smelled very nice. I mean, who wants to smell of olive oil after a shower? And that was not all. The height of luxury was then taken to the countryside, bathing in a bathtub instead of a shower. And of course, the elite of the country the "luxury" bubble solutions as the ultimate bathing experience had been sold. Truly a case of them and us, I was well aware that "they" had luxury baths and "us" had olive oil soap, and I wanted the luxury bathrooms. I saw what the Jones' had and wanted it for me. In the homes of the elite was another new exciting product, detergent, of course, now replaced with dishwasher tablets. And thought it was disgusting to use regular soap instead of the beautiful bubbling liquid.
Now I have come full circle. With my health improved dramatically after a long illness, and met others who have, I have learned a lot on the road. The bubbling soap is on things that some would never use. I'm not as extreme myself, but I try now, the natural, if possible. And imagine my surprise when in a high-quality organic health shop, I saw olive oil soap more than I could afford! The soap can do with a natural fragrance, lavender, or perhaps by some of the beautifully scented flowers in Lebanon, jasmine and gardenia. But honestly I would be happy to use it now as it is.